About us

Everyone asks how we came up with the idea to use the house as a hotel.

About us

We are one of the old families of Shkodra . Our great-grandfather Hasan Kaduku , the first graduated dentist in Albania, after completing his studies at the University of Istanbul and having opened the first dental practice in Albania, wanted his son to be in the same profession and for this reason sent him in Horn, Austria. In the fourth year of his studies, his son , Haki , had in a serious lung disease, and he was sent in a warmer and and healthier climate, in Istanbul , where he finished his studies in 1926. They began to work together as dentists , father and son , in a study ( from the supply ASH & Son of London ) in the center of the city, in a small rented room, 15 minutes from downtown.

In 1940 the grandfather buys an old house, in center of the city, turns it down and builds a new one, to live in and for the Dental Studio that now it is the place of Hotel Kaduku.

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Under the German occupation of Albania a German commander asked (to Grandfather Haki) to rent for German army. The grandfather convinced him that the house is for family habitation and a Dental Studio, and the commander apologized for the inconvenience!!! After the war this situation recurs in other historical conditions. In Albania as well as in Eastern Europe had been imposed Communist rule and whenever the popular government was sending its delegates in Shkodra, had to vacate the house for the "guests" and turn it into a hotel for the people's representatives. It was even worse in 1953: we had to free our house to make nursery saying that we would get it back again after six months. But we returned home only in 1990, when the foundations of the communist regime were trembling. Yet you think of the Nazi commander that reasoned better than the Communists, at least he said sorry for the inconvenience!

Political Bureau of the Police, which has now been re-opened in Shkodra under the name of Horrors Communist Museum, a terrible place where there have been crimes against humanity, unimaginable torture against opponents of the communist regime.

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Our experience

In 1991 our father Hasan opened the hotel, a hotel with only one room. The money he drew from that one room with two beds was investing them to buy more beds, sheets, until completing the first five rooms of the hotel. In 1999 my father decided to use all available rooms, nine, since her children were no longer living in Albania. In 2000 we started the construction of a new building in the courtyard of the house with 10 other rooms, fully functional today

So now we have the building A with 8 rooms, which bear the name that his grandfather had given depending on the recipient of origin: 1 the boys 'room, with antique furniture, with two single beds, two of the parents' room, with double bed and sofa bed, 4 bath rooms, with double bed, 5 grandfather's laboratory, with two single beds, 6 emergency clinic, with a single bed, 7 dining room with 4 beds, 8 the study with two single beds the building B (the new one) with 10 rooms which stand out for furnishing colors: the green room, the cream room, the yellow room, the red room, the blue room and the crab room. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, mosquito nets, blinds and TV. Each bathroom is equipped with shower, toilet, bidet, hair dryer and towels, window and / or forced ventilation.

The hotel has a restaurant for breakfast (very rich, with homemade products) included in the price. You can book lunch or dinner, they will always be a mix of traditional and modern Albanians.

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