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Scutari is one of the oldest cities in Europe (Shkodra Loce).

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The Shkodra region and 'characterized by the particular combination of sea and mountain, thanks to this offer in a limited space a wide variety' of landscapes. The main tourist attraction in the area and 'represented by the particular system of lakes and rivers that meet around the city' Scutari, their waters are mostly navigable and are used both for bathing and for the fishing activities of local . The rest of the region and 'mountainous and offers natural landscapes of great natural value, but also difficult to achieve. Most of the Albanians themselves do not know their own mountains, during the period of the communist regime were inaccessible and guarded as border areas..

The fortified town of Rozafat is located on a hill on the outskirts of Shkoder. And 'one of the most significant symbols of the Albanian independence.

A fascinating place for the exceptional view and the suggestion exerted by the secular stones of severe architecture, evocative of ancient battles, knights, armored horses, armor, legends and mysteries. Three doors in succession, enter inside the fortress where, separated by ancient walls, there are three areas where there are the remains of the Church of St. Stephen of the thirteenth century, a few houses, a military depot and the castle. The latter is an impressive building built with large stones rigie, flagstone floors with paving stones ennobled by time, arches, secret passages, large doors with doors bolted, five large tanks for water supply in case of siege.

He could not miss, the fortress Rozafat, a legend. It is said that the work done during the day by three brothers in the construction of the walls, at night fell apart. The three workers were desperate and turned to a necromancer for advice. These said that the spell could be canceled with a human sacrifice. The three brothers decided to sacrifice the wife of one of them. The chosen would be the one, the next day would bring the meal. the two older brothers warned the wives of the agreement, so the wife of the youngest, Rozafa, he had to sacrifice himself. The poor woman, because she had a baby to feed, churches that, in murarla, the were vacated her breast to feed, a hand to pat and a foot to rock his baby. His wish was granted and costruzio.Il castle in a strategic position. The walls of the fortress are punctuated by seven towers dates from the fifth century and 'situated on the hill at the entrance of the city, where the river Bojana (Buna) and Drini meet. The castle and 'surrounded by water, the Skadar Lake, which is one of the most beautiful lakes in the Balkans and the Buna River on one side and Kir and Drin rivers from' other. And 'one of the few witnesses still left intact by the Illyrians. The castle 'was used as a national museum.

From the castle you can also see the mosque lead Located on the bank of the Drin, was built in 1768 by Prince of Shkodra, Mehmet Bushati. Interesting for the large dome in lead and for the other sixteen domes also in lead.

The river Buna and the only navigable river in Albania which rises from the lake ends in the Adriatic Sea, Velipoj, one of the most famous seaside resorts in the area, 30 km from Shkodra. The beach of the Island of Franz Josef. This solitary place and very charming, in the first map showing Albania is also called Island of Buna; surveyors Austro-Hungarians who, enchanted by the place, put the name of their king in this tiny island of Albania. There is speculation that the island was formed by the accumulation of materials brought by the floods of the river Buna on the wreck of a ship sunk. The island of Franz Josef in the shallows of the river Buna is transformed into a peninsula connected to the mainland by the appearance of a sand dark gray shaped like a half moon, with the arc of the west, which is a unique beach. On the island are thick and tall trees useful for nesting of many species of birds. The vegetation and 'completely wild and untouched, for ornithologists and fans this small enclosed place is paradise for bird-watching.

The Theth National Park, located North of Albania in the Alps. The park and 'organized to offer different services. Several farms have facilities for accommodation and there are two small hotels in the village of Thethi. Mountain areas are rich in endemic species and native species including the most 'famous and' certainly the Eagle.


Razma is one of the tourist spots closer to the city of Shkodra. It located in the town of Shkrel, at a distance of 43 km from the city. Razmës area is about 900 m above sea level. It 'very suitable for development of winter and summer tourism montagna.Storicamente of this area was the mountain village and the surrounding area alder Vrith and has been used by traders in the city of Shkodra. One of the beautiful country of Albania, which was discovered in the century. XIX by foreigners. The first to have appreciated its beauty and natural wealth were Italian botanist Antonio Baldoci, Dofler Austrian geologist and Nopcsa Boran.


The valley of Valbona, it must be prepared not only physically for what you should take with you, but also spiritually, to face and enjoy emotionally the amazing beauty of this National Park of Northern Albania, which now is frequented not only by tourists but also by foreigners Albanians, fed up with the sea and looking for avventura.Valbona not just a naturalistic destination of Albania, is a complexity of interesting phenomena, like everything rest of the Albanian Alps, which includes all the meanings of beauty. Valbona shows to its travelers majestically through its mountains, its depth through the woods and cliffs, its purity through the crystal clear water where they dance the golden trout, its hospitality through people wonderful that lives, its beauty through colorful clothes of women in the area.

Every place that Valbona shows, is synonymous with beauty. The road to Valbona is a race between beautiful mountains and groundwater, through the valley Fierza autumn bushes donated to a color "rust", transforming the landscape into a real show of colors - various shades of red - reflected on the surface of green lake.

The National Park Valbone is adjacent to that of Theth and is younger than 30 years, having been declared only in 1996. To go from one to the other there are those who charge their luggage on a horse and, escorted by a guide, climbs up the 1800 pace. There are those who, like us, back to Shkodra and reaches through Koman Bajram Curri, taking the opportunity to make the trip to the throat of the mythical lake of Koman, the highlight of tourism north-Albanian.


They have compared it to the Norwegian fjords. And 'Lake Koman. A must for the adventurous and those who It is looking for beautiful landscapes. Because it is a scene in the open one that opens in the Alps of northern Albania. It is worth to get here (2 hour drive sterratissima and no indication, but do not be afraid that sooner or later will come) to enjoy an unforgettable journey between gorges, canyons, islands and inlets where the water of the lake creeps shaping spectacular scenery. For the most extreme and adventurous, you can start from the city of Shkodra with a furgon (a minivan Spartan) to make sure you get to the lake by Koman 9:00 am, the time when the only public boat making the crossing of the lake to Fierz, through all the villages in the area. It 'difficult but It's worth. Plus, you meet the locals who take the small boat regularly to move from one location to another.

Photo Library Marubi

The birth of photography in Albania named after an Italian Pietro Marubi. Involved in the Risorgimento as a supporter of Garibaldi and murder the mayor of Piacenza was forced in 1856 to settle in Albania, then Ottoman territory. Marubi exported the European tradition of photography in one of the more developed areas of Albania of the nineteenth century: Shkodra. They represent an important landmark in the life of Shkodra in the years before the regime. The photographs have been preserved and donated to the State and 'can view them only during special events or with permission, and' in project a final settlement and their opening to the public.

Casa Museo “Oso Kuka”

It 'an old traditional house restored in 1986, state-owned and municipal dependence. And 'divided into four sections: Archaeology, Archives, Ethnography and Fototeca Marubi. The direction of the museum, as well as the preservation of historical / archaeological, also deals with the promotion and enhancement of culture and traditions of the region. Every two years he organizes a seminar "Scutari centuries" with the participation of historians, archaeologists and literati. Through collaboration with the University 'of Florence he has created an archaeological exhibition (artefacts dating from the age' of bronze to the Middle Ages) in Italy Arona with the project to make it become a traveling exhibition in the major cities' European.

Bridge of Mesi

Bridge XVIII has an important historical and architectural value is just 8 km from the city. The bridge is crossed by the river of crystal clear water and Kir is a symbol of the city both for its beauty and history. Built in 1769 to connect the city of Shkodra with Drishtin is now a tourist attraction. The bridge is high about 3m long and about 108m compound from the arc center that is the largest and by other non-symmetric arcs of various sizes. The spectacular thing of this bridge is the fact that does not follow a straight line but has folds of which one of 14 ° degrees. In the summer under the bridge people exploit the beautiful running water to bathe.

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